Success Stories

Life renewed with the help of all anonymous hands

Baby of Anita Tanti came to our NICU with severe pneumonia and severe respiratory distress. During the treatment it was found to be a case of congenital heart disease requiring urgent surgical intervention. As the father is a daily wage earner, we decided to take help from all the doctors and other philanthropic people and shifted the child to Apollo Children Hospital Chennai. The parents were illiterate and there was language problem, we could coordinate with Apollo Hospital, Chennai and get the child operated successfully. Now the child is growing well and healthy

A Good Soul

Young Malati always knew she was ugly, with her deformity. She was the youngest of eight children. Gradually, all her sisters got married and she was left alone in the house. Malati was 22, but whenever a marriage proposal came, she could see the shock in the visiting family’s eyes, in their initial visit. One fine day, a Good Samaritan stopped by their house and seeing young Malati crying, was overwhelmed with sorrow and wanted to help her out. When he asked for her hand in marriage, everybody in her family thought it to be a joke but the boy was a good soul for he liked what he saw in Malati and they got married with the blessings of everyone. Soon they were blessed with a son but to their utter dismay, he also had the same deformity as his mother. As they say, there is always light at the end of darkness and as if God heard their prayers, one day, they saw the photo of a colorful train and were told that this train had come down from America to help them get free treatment by the local specialist surgeons. They saw some beautiful pictures of cleft lip patients after they were operated at the town hall auditorium, where a camp was organized as part of public awareness program by KGMT from Guwahati. Later, they visited the hospital on the advice of one of the organizers and were pleasantly surprised to find so many other patients with the same deformity being treated in the hospital. Soon after, both Malati and her son were operated. They were overwhelmed with gratitude. Malati wanted to cry out loud but she said with a shy smile that her lip was a little tight and she cannot smile heartily. However, it was one of the best, as the smile team at the hospital bid adieu to the happy family.