Project Smile Train

KGMT is one of the few hospitals in the North-Eastern region of India, to be associated with the Smile Train Organization, world’s largest charitable organization working for treatment of cleft lip and palate.

The Smile Train Organization, based in New York, provides cleft lip care to the sufferers all over the world, with more than two hundred centres in India. The Organization runs a project named The Smile Train Project, wherein they work with experienced plastic surgeons from different regions, training and empowering them in cleft lip care.

All the patients with cleft lip and palate are admitted, examined by a team of specialists chosen by the Plastic Surgeon, who is also the Project Director. Investigation and operation is totally free of cost.

The world’s most renowned plastic surgeons comprise the medical advisory board at the head office of New York, who scrutinize all the patients’ pre and post-operative photographs and offer help by providing training and research grant to improve the quality of care all over the world.

Dr. Seema Rekha Devi, a renowned Plastic Surgeon introduced this International Charitable Organization in Eastern India for benefit of the poor and unfortunate children, and has rendered selfless services to thousands of children in this region so far.

KGMT has been in collaboration with Smile Train Organization since 2005. The hospital also provides speech therapy along with free cleft lip surgeries and post-operative care. All the cleft lip surgeries are funded by Smile Train Organization.


Year-wise break-up of Cleft Surgeries



Total Cases done

Children in the age group 0 -12 month


277 60


244 62


284 71


392 94


334 77


422 207


173 94


54 32


76 53


135 98


46 32


23 20


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