Success Stories

Love And Affection

Surajit Patgiri was born on 10th October, 2005 to Kiran and Bijaylal Patgiri with a deformed face, in the tiny village Silikhaguri of Chirang District, Assam. It was quite a blow to the family to have this deformed baby as the father was an alcoholic and was also suffering from cirrhosis of liver. The mother was already fed up with the multitude of problems of having an alcoholic husband and regular monetary problems. Surajit was neglected totally. The father, who was a school teacher, did not live long and soon after, the mother, wanting to lead a life of her own, instead of fending for the deformed child, left Surajit with her in-laws and remarried. The paternal uncle and aunt, with three children of their own, welcomed Surajit with his Cleft lip and Palate deformity and took personal care. He grew up with love and affection. His uncle and aunt wanted to help him get treated but were too poor to afford the cost. Besides, they had no idea that he could be treated at such a young age. The aunt brought the child to our hospital as she saw the news in the local daily about KGMT offering free treatment. They came to know that one organization called Smile Train was helping these poor children with deformed faces in collaboration with local doctors at KGMT, in Guwahati.

The baby was admitted and operated for lip and later on, for the palate. The child, according to the aunt, probably knew and understood that he looked very different from other children and remained depressed most of the time. Surprisingly, he started taking interest in his surroundings and became playful after the operation, especially when he saw the transformation in the mirror. His uncle and aunt were overjoyed at the transformation of their nephew.

They profusely thank the Smile Train and the hospital for their dedication and offering a helping hand to all these poor and needy children.

God's Child

Little Niharika was born with a bilateral complete cleft lip and palate deformity. Her family was aghast upon seeing her as they had never seen such bad deformity. They all thought she was a bad omen to the family. But as God would have it, her arrival brought prosperity and goodwill to the family, and soon her family began to see her as God’s gift. When our Smile Train outreach team had visited their village and spotted her through the village doctor at the PHC, we got in touch with her family and informed them that Niharika could be transformed to a lovely baby by a series of operations, that too, totally free of cost by expert surgeons at KGMT, not far away from their village in the city of Guwahati. They were overjoyed and soon, Niharika visited us at the hospital with her parents, when she was just two and a half months old, and from there, thus began a new journey for Niharika and her family.

Success against the odd

Baby Prem Bahadur, 3 years old from a remote village near Meghalaya border belongs to very low income family and was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After explaining the need of long term treatment he was referred to Govt. Hospital but after few days the family came back preferring treatment in KGMT under the guidance of prof. J.N. Sharma. Though there was a promise from the PM Office to help him financially but we manage to treat him successfully in spite of not getting any grants on time. After the initial successful treatment, the child is discharge and he is continuing the maintenance treatment from home.

Life renewed with the help of all anonymous hands

Baby of Anita Tanti came to our NICU with severe pneumonia and severe respiratory distress. During the treatment it was found to be a case of congenital heart disease requiring urgent surgical intervention. As the father is a daily wage earner, we decided to take help from all the doctors and other philanthropic people and shifted the child to Apollo Children Hospital Chennai. The parents were illiterate and there was language problem, we could coordinate with Apollo Hospital, Chennai and get the child operated successfully. Now the child is growing well and healthy