COVID Care Unit

With our commitment to ensuring healthcare for everyone, we have been working round the clock to administer care to the COVID patients. 

We understand the importance of every second in this battle of life and death and on receipt of information about a Covid patient our Managing Trustee &Nodal officer immediately arrange for the beds & send our Ambulance to bring the patient to the hospital. The patient is escorted by the health workers to the allotted bed & receives the treatment as prescribed by the medical professional. 

As an effort to keep their peace of mind and aid in their recovery, free breakfast, lunch, and dinner is provided to the patients.

The doctors are available at every instance and the patients are attended to by them every morning, noon and night. The nurses and doctors keep a track of all the Covid wards/ floors and are monitor every single patient about their health status. 

In case of an emergency the medical consultant's advice is sought for by the Resident Medical Officers.

Before releasing the patient, RAT is done to reduce the risks. 

If someone requests for home isolation then they are provided with proper assessment with due diligence to Covid protocols.

Once the patients are released, they are taken to their respective residence by our Ambulances.

In these tough times, we believe our actions and medical care contribute towards making a difference and help someone breathe with a new lease of life.